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Uplift is a nonprofit organization dedicated to combatting sexual and emotional violence in online communities through education and advocacy. Through years of experience in this unique line of work, we have developed a toolkit to empower organizers to shape their conventions into safer and more inclusive spaces for all attendees.


We customize every training to the audience and convention. We will work with you to ensure that our material suits your event's needs.

Staff Training

Designed for those planning and running a convention

  • Bystander Intervention in a Convention Community
  • Supporting Survivors
  • Location-Specific Resources
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Volunteer Training

Designed for attendees helping out with the convention

  • Bystander Intervention in a Convention Community
  • When to Escalate to Staff
  • Location-Specific Resources
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Designed For You

Each training includes a pre-training and post-training call to tailor the material to your needs and answer additional questions.

In Person or Virtual

We are happy to conduct the trainings onsite at your convention or through the virtual meeting site of your choice.

Fits your schedule

Our trainings include 45 minutes of content with 15 minutes of Q&A. Want more or less, just ask!


A resource sheet of key takeaways customized for you.


Have members of Uplift on-site to interact with attendees for the duration of your convention.

Convention Safety Resources

Uplift will develop convention safety resources geared for attendees at your convention. You can include these in the gift bags for all attendees or we can hand these out to people who stop by our booth.

Convention Survey

Uplift will create a custom safety survey for your event through our survey tool: Elephant At The Con. After the convention, we will analyze the results and create a report for your staff of qualitative and quantitative data.

Expo Hall Booth

Depending on the size of your convention and our availability, 1-2 Uplift representatives can attend Representatives will interact with attendees, hand out convention safety resources, encourage attendees to fill out the Elephant At The Con survey, and contribute to a safe atmosphere in your exhibitor hall.

Policy Consultation

An Uplift representative can review your code of conduct, volunteer policy, or incident response plan. We will provide specific suggestions for improvement so it is clear, promotes safety, and is specific to your organization and event.

We can advise you as you create easily understandable and comprehensive policies, as well as concrete strategies for sharing these important policies with your attendees. Unsure who a survivor should talk to immediately following an incident, or how to respond empathetically and fairly? We're here to help!


All our programming is customized to your event.

Creating Safe Spaces

Online and at cons, fostering safe community spaces is crucial. Members of the Uplift team will cover the basics of creating safe, inclusive, and appropriate community spaces for your organization or club, whether IRL or virtual. From setting community expectations, to working through challenging situations, to dealing with abuse in the community, we'll discuss how to maintain the right standards and expectations for everyone.

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Positive Fandom

As fans, our fandoms are part of our identities. We make our communities our homes. Existing in these spaces demands that we examine our actions and mindsets, forging a collective way forward. Discussion is the first step. Members of Uplift, along with creator and fan representatives will discuss where this community stands, what still needs work, and how we can move forward.

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Keeping Internet Celebrities and Fans Safe

As online communities grow, prominent members amass huge followings and fame. These internet celebrities are often subject to harassment, especially if they are a member of a marginalized group. However, they also have power over their fans. Some have taken advantage of this dynamic to sexually harass their followers. In this talk, we'll dive into these complex dynamics and discuss how individuals and platforms can ensure all involved can be part of a safe and healthy online community.

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Rape Culture in Our Fandom

Sometimes the book, TV show, or film genre a convention is celebrating can have many problematic elements, especially with regard to rape culture. Join members of the Uplift team for an interactive discussion of rape culture in this piece of media. We'll also brainstorm how we, the fandom, can speak out against rape culture in our communities.

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Our Clients Say...

“Dynamic and engaging presentation! Grace was very knowledgeable & brought the right amount of levity to the topic. Great suggestions for how to understand, connect with, and empower [people] to protect themselves.”

Attendee feedbackfrom our presentation: How to Help Youth Struggling with Sexual Violence in Online Communities.

“This year I felt much more prepared to deal with the reports that I received, and felt more confident in the way I responded. The staff training helped me be more confident that I could interact with victims of harassment in an empathetic and understanding way. [Uplift’s] training gave concrete examples and phrasing that I found extremely useful.”

Caitlin Antel, Tekko Harassment Reporting OfficerAfter participating in our Convention Staff Training

“ Jennifer was exactly what our convention needed! She cut straight to the core of our values — and our vulnerabilities — to address issues relevant to our organization. Her specific examples of our power dynamics really helped us, and the depth of her preparedness fired up our engagement. We knew that she cared about our issues, and wanted to help.”

Attendee feedback from our presention: Consent and Power Dynamics

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